Infinite research immobile, leads me to take as an object of reflection the traces or debris that the society of the image keeps on the sidelines. In a first phase, I have taken the signal of the white noise as landscape. Visual noise produced by a densification of information, the image converted into a signal. His reading places us on the cliff, with his gaze lost by that infinite contradiction that challenges us, from a finite surface. The first phase places me before this encrypted and dead image, in the following phases I will incorporate new landscapes. Seduced by the plot of these thousands of black squares on a white background (in clear allusion to Malevich), I am currently working on the elaboration of a theoretical text that concentrates the information that suggests me to look at this modern infinity. As my theorization advances, I develop visual compositions related to experience. The culmination of this project, as always, I could never say at this point.
Imagination_infinito_señal _the image as shelter of death_the fragmentary_the failure of reason before the infinite_Malevich and The white light_root white_the absolute signal

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